Major Raw materials :

Cement :

The cement used for manufacture of PCC poles and fencing poles is ordinary or rapid hardening Portland cement conforming to IS-269-1967 or Portland blast furnace slag cement conforming to IS-455/1967 with all latest amendments thereof.

Aggregates :

The aggregate used for manufacture of PCC poles is as per IS-383/1970. The maximum size of aggregates being used is 20 mm.

Water :

We take all precautions to ensure that the water used is clean and free from any organic or inorganic matter and is not harmful to the concrete.

High Tensile Steel :

It conforms to IS-343/1960. It is free from rust scale and other similar matter liable to affect adversely proper tensioning or its bond with concrete. The diameter of wire used is 4.0 mm and its minimum tensile strength is more than 175 Kg./mm2


The concrete used is as per IS-1343/1960. The mixture contains minimum 400 Kg. of cement per cubic meter of concrete and as low water to cement ratio

Quality checks

To ensure the quality of the Products, we undertake the following checks

  • Cubical Test after 3 days and 28 days.
  • Transverse Strength Test
  • Dimensional Check as per drawing.
  • Size and strength of H.T wire and G.I wire
  • Concrete size and strength