At Shree International, we are focused on establishing long-term client relationships built on service excellence, quality and value based work, integrity, and trust.We aim to provide services at the lowest possible competitive rates along with with best quality Products's.

Ourstaff is comprised of multi-level professionals, including registered professional tailors, merchandisers, Products designers, and other related staff. We are an offshoot of the Mahendra Group which has over three decades of experience in the service industry and gives us a thorough understanding of customer's expectations and customer behavior, dealing with varied customers for its vast and diversified Products portfolio. This professional diversity allows us to fully staff projects,understand what our client expects and deliver immaculate services in record time thereby providing expertise and consultancy to our clients where required to effectively address and manage any client doing justice to our three decade old pedigree!!

What sets us apart is that we are :

  • Transparent at all stages
  • Dedicated, Professional and Time Specific
  • Cost-Competitive Advantage
  • Products Innovation and Creativeness
  • Our Value-added Services

We have a fully dedicated corporate office and separate division in the heart of Lucknow, which is the heart for hand embroidery in India, the Capital of Uttar Pradesh, North of India, Dedicated phone and fax lines, web sites and Highly skilled and creative professionals besides Innovative and effective Products development process.