Swaged Steel Tubular Poles of various lengths and dimensions as per IS-2713 and as per customer's specific requirements.

The steel used for the manufacture of poles have minimum tensile strength of 410 Mpa and 540 Mpa and as per IS-1387/1967 with all latest amendments thereof.

The tubes used for making poles are of Yst240 grade of IS-1161/1979. The poles are made of seamless or welded tubes of suitable lengths, swaged and joined together.

The poles are well finished, cleaned and free from harmful surface defects.

The poles are free from cracks, surface flaws, laminations and other defects. The poles are straight, smooth and cylindrical. The poles are well varnished and painted as per the customers' requirements. Finials, base plates and taper plugs are provided as required by the buyer.