We have got separate Test lab to test each and every transformer as per IS-2026/1993 with latest amendments thereof. We have got all the latest and ultra-modern test equipments to test our Products. The Plant is equipped with Hi-tech machines, a full-fledged tool room and latest Quality Control equipments/test facilities to ensure the quality of final Products as per IS-2026 with latest amendments. All test equipments are calibrated from NABL accredited agency and having valid calibration certificates.

All the routine tests are carried out on each and every transformer, on finished transformer as well as under process of manufacture at our Works itself. Our all rating transformers have successfully been type tested at Govt. approved test labs such as CPRI, Bhopal and ERDA, Baroda and have thus approved our most safe designs and workmanship.

  • Measurement of winding resistances.
  • Ratio, polarity and phase relationship.
  • Load loss and impedance voltage.
  • No load loss and no load current.
  • Insulation resistance.
  • Separate source voltages withstand.
  • Double voltage-Double frequency withstand
  • Induced over voltage withstand.
  • Oil tests.
  • Dy-11 tests
  • Unbalance current test
  • Oil leakage test.

Apart from these the "design factor of safety" is tested on our proto type transformer through Impulse Voltage and Withstand Test, Short Circuit & Thermal Ability Tests, Heat Run Tests & all other acceptance tests are being carried out at Government Test Labs at CPRI, Bangalore, Bhopal and Vadodara.

There are well experienced Supervisors and Testing Engineers to supervise the manufacturing process and to do routine as well as final testing of the transformers as per IS:2026/1993.

Our quality control never relaxes. Over and above rigid standards for crucial units such as a transformer, our engineers have prescribed their own exacting norms. The result is seen in years of trouble free operation of our Products. Our main asset has always been and will continue to be a belief in the people at the back of the Products, which provides satisfaction. Behind the success of our Products is a chain of skilled and dedicated craftsmanship backed by years of solid experience.