Welcome to Mahendra Group

Before we indulge in taking about us, let us first take knowledge of what exactly is the Products that we are dealing with: Transformers are used to transform the voltage from one level to another required level i.e. high voltage to low voltage or vice versa. Transformers used for distributing electricity at low voltages are called Distribution Transformers working at a voltage of mainly of 11KV to 0.433 KV.



Business Performance


Mahendra Group is a focused, dynamic and progressive Group providing customers with value added products, services and innovative solutions. Mahendra Group specialises in the design, implementation, use and ongoing maintenance of performance measurement and management systems. Drawing on three decades experience and applied research, we have created and tested a pallet of tools and techniques for use in organisation.

The most distinctive characteristic of a high performance organisation is a strong commitment to explore innovative thinking as a means of delivering a breakthrough in performance. Mahendra Group aims to examine both hard and soft perspectives in managing business performance.

The Group has a diversified product range to serve multiple industries, with Electrical & automotive industry being the main industry served.

It enables businesses to:

Improve productivity
Monitor and analyze business processes
Automate tasks
Increase efficiency
Identify cost savings opportunities
Generate new business
Measure key performance objectives
Analyze risks
Predict business outcomes

"We aim to improve organisational performance by undertaking important research and through creating new tools, approaches and insights that improve management practice"